Since the start of the pandemic, people are thinking differently about sustainability.  

Alongside YouGov, we surveyed over 6,000 people to discover what’s motivating travellers globally and how lifestyle choices have impacted the way they want to travel. 

Highlights of the report reveal that: 

    • Two thirds (65%) of global consumers agree making travel more sustainable is vital
    • One in three global consumers (34%) are making more sustainable choices in their daily lives than they did 12 months ago 
    • However almost a quarter (23%) say they don’t know how to travel more sustainably, with one in five (21%) citing a lack of easily accessible information as a barrier

The report is packed with insights into traveller attitudes and behaviour – and shows the widespread support for more responsible air travel.  

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Our path to sustainability 

Travel can have such a positive impact on our world, from improving cultural understanding to economic development, but we also recognise there are negatives too.
At Skyscanner, we want to keep exploring the planet we love, but we also want to protect it. That's why we want to lead the change and are working hard to impact the conversation, take action and ensure our customers have the tools they need to make informed choices. 
Learn more about what we're doing on our mission towards modern, sustainable travel.  
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