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Develop your route network with data-driven insights

With our Travel Insight business intelligence tool, you can identify 
opportunities to launch new routes and serve more destinations.

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Understand true travel demand

We're one of the world's largest providers of traveller search demand data, providing powerful insights into consumer behaviour, global habits and future trends.

Travel Insight can help your airport develop its route network and improve its understanding of traffic leakage, so you can increase footfall, serve more destinations and strengthen your market position.


Travel Insight helps you make faster, smarter decisions

Get the intel to outperform competitors and become the traveller’s first choice.

  • Track historic and future demand trends
  • Identify new route opportunities and build strong business cases
  • Analyse catchment area data and passenger leakage data.
  • Discover route performance and airline market share
  • Benchmark performance against competitors and the market
  • Forecast future traveller volumes
“It’s about knowing what’s ahead of us, so we can best prepare our airports and staff, match capacity and resources to demand, and help airlines take advantage of opportunities faster.”

Get access to travel intent data generated by our worldwide audience of over 100 million users a month.

Turn our global data into actionable insights

Understand future travel demand, rapidly respond to market changes and stay one step ahead of emerging trends and travel habits.

Unconstrained, forward-looking demand

Discover demand and trends for every flight, route and market – now and for
the next 12 months.

Worldwide coverage, including LCCs

Get search and redirect data for every airline on Skyscanner, including low-cost carriers and all our OTA partners.

Geo-location data

Build a map of user locations, understand your catchment area and prove demand exists for new routes.

Historic demand data

Benchmark your performance by analysing historic demand data and year-on-year comparisons.

Increasing working holiday visas for Tourism Australia

Smashing booking goals for Tourism Ireland

Helping VisitScotland attract more travellers after Covid-19

Growing Edinburgh Airport’s global route network

Helping TUI reach the right travellers, faster

Promoting Maldives as a safe destination during Covid-19

Empowering the leading airport operator with data insights

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