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A world leader in travel
Hero image of a man at the top of a forest hill holding a camera in the air Hero image of a man at the top of a forest hill holding a camera in the air

Helping travellers explore for 20 years

Every day, we connect millions of travellers to more than 1,200 flight, hotel and car hire partners, helping them plan and book trips with ease and confidence.

We use the latest technology to provide straightforward, honest solutions – searching over 80 billion prices every day so travellers can be sure they’ve seen the best options, all in one place.

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A strategic partner for businesses 

Our innovative distribution, advertising and data solutions help businesses connect with travellers in multiple ways, while our collaborative approach is tailored to each individual business’s goals and objectives.

We have a deep understanding of traveller behaviour in almost every market – and we pass these insights onto our partners to help them understand how the travel industry is evolving, what the future looks like and where opportunities lie.

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Founded in Edinburgh in 2003, we have offices across Europe, Asia-Pacific and North America. We’re committed to helping shape a more responsible future for travel in collaboration with our partners, so every traveller can explore our world effortlessly for generations to come.

What makes Skyscanner, Skyscanner


No one should be held back from travelling. So we put accessibility at the heart of everything we do.


We’re passionate about travel and committed to helping make the industry more sustainable.

Working with partners

Our mission is to build the most trusted travel marketplace for travellers and partners globally.

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