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Grow your business with travel insights

Make smarter decisions using one of the world's largest sources of traveller search demand data.

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Unrivalled insight into future travel demand

Travel Insight is our business intelligence tool that helps you turn traveller behaviour into actionable insights.

Use our forward-looking flight search data to uncover global travel habits and future trends, and gain a clearer picture of demand and opportunities to grow your market share and revenue.

“Our strategic relationship with Skyscanner has been instrumental in helping Edinburgh Airport strike new deals with airlines and expand our route network.”

Get access to travel intent data generated by our worldwide audience of over 100 million users a month.

The insights to make faster, smarter decisions

Get the intel to outperform competitors and become the traveller’s first choice.



Strengthen your market position

Travel Insight can help airports with their route development, building long-term relationships with airlines to serve more travellers and destinations.

  • Track historic and future demand trends
  • Identify new route opportunities and build strong business cases
  • Analyse catchment area demand and passenger leakage to competitor airports
  • Discover route performance and airline market share
  • Benchmark performance against competitors and the market
  • Forecast future traveller volumes and airline booking data


Act on the latest travel trends

Travel Insight can help destination marketers and tourist boards act on the latest international travel trends to drive more people to their country, region or city.

  • Analyse traveller demand trends and purchase behaviour from your key inbound markets
  • Run more profitable marketing campaigns that deliver a higher ROI
  • Win travellers from competing destinations
  • Forecast future traveller volumes
  • Improve your connectivity
  • Enhance your targeting by influencing travellers at the right time


See demand for unserved destinations

Travel Insight can help airlines improve their route planning and development to serve more travellers and destinations.

  • Identify demand for unserved and underserved destinations
  • Analyse competitor performance (OTAs and airlines, including LCCs)
  • Identify changes in traveller search and booking behaviour
  • Optimise your marketing, pricing and network strategies
  • Analyse demand trends from your catchment area
  • Forecast future traveller volumes

Global travel data from one trusted source.

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Spot opportunities to grow

Travel Insight can help online travel agents understand their place in the market and spot opportunities to grow market share and revenue.

  • Analyse forward-looking travel trends in real time
  • Gain a macro overview of the travel industry and year-on-year trends
  • Track share of voice and share of market
  • Discover what content other OTAs are selling and find gaps in the market
  • Identify market expansion opportunities
  • Understand why a click was won or lost

Other Sectors

Understand travel industry performance

Travel Insight can help businesses with a stake in travel better understand industry performance and how demand impacts their revenue.

  • Analyse historic and future airfare data
  • Calculate approximate airline load factors and yield
  • Understand airline share of voice
  • Forecast demand and future bookings
  • Analyse airline prices to infer global inflation rates
  • Use flight numbers for aircraft manufacturers like Boeing and Airbus to monitor network composition

Turn our global data into actionable insights

Understand future travel demand, rapidly respond to market changes and stay one step ahead of emerging trends and travel habits.

Unconstrained, forward-looking demand

Discover demand and trends for every flight, route and market – now and for the next 12 months.

Worldwide coverage, including LCCs

Get search and redirect data for every airline on Skyscanner, including low-cost carriers and all our OTA partners.

Geo-location data

Build a map of user locations, understand your catchment area and prove demand exists for new routes.

Historic demand data

Benchmark your performance by analysing historic trends and performing year-on-year comparisons.

Empowering the leading airport operator with data insights

Data delivered your way

Subscribe to Travel Insight from a choice of three data delivery methods.

Travel Insight Vision

Easily analyse and visualise data in your own front-end SaaS portal.

Travel Insight Reports

Download a daily CSV file from your SFTP server or Amazon S3 bucket.

Travel Insight API

Call our robust aggregated API for data insights at any time.

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