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Unserved Routes: Discover demand for new direct flights

Unserved Routes: Discover demand for new direct flights

We’ve just launched a very special new feature for Travel Insight Vision, our SaaS data product for route development, route optimisation and travel trend analysis.  

Unserved Routes is unique to Skyscanner, providing a level of insight not available anywhere else on the market. It combines flight schedule data with traveller demand insights to show you where there’s untapped demand for new direct services.  

Most data sources only show what’s already happened: completed bookings, existing route capacity, etc. There are no trusted sources to show unconstrained demand.  

With our data, you can forecast the future and understand true market demand. Look beyond bookings and scheduled capacities to find out where people are searching – for travel next week, next month and up to 12 months into the future.   

Our new tool will help you discover the most popular searched-for routes, so you can take advantage of gaps in the market and plan for long-term growth. 


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Go further with Travel Insight Vision 

Unserved Routes now joins Network Market Share, Market Trends and Competition Analysis as the latest addition to Travel Insight Vision.  

It’s fully interactive and customisable and all data can be filtered by route and travel month for extra granularity.  

Find out more about how Travel Insight Vision can give you unrivalled insight into future travel demand right here


Unserved Routes for airlines 

If you’re an airline, Unserved Routes will help you to: 

  • Expand your network 

Find out where sufficient demand has returned so you can relaunch routes that might have been dropped from your flying programme. 

  • Create long-term growth 

Know where there’s demand for a new non-stop service, before your competitors do. 

  • Forecast yield 

Build a successful business case for launching new routes using key metrics like demand and redirect conversion rates. 


Unserved Routes for airports 

If you’re an airport, Unserved Routes will help you to: 

  • Restart more flights 

Use our data to drive negotiations with carriers showing there’s sufficient demand to restart routes which might have been dropped. Get the data you need to build strong businesses cases for new routes, without having to rely on airlines approaching you. 

  • Secure long-term growth 

Discover where there’s demand for a new non-stop service and share with key carriers to boost your revenue. 

  • Unlock new revenue 

Put forward a successful business case to airlines about launching new routes, using insights on average fares, traveller demand and redirect conversion rates. 


Empower your business with Travel Insight Vision  

Travel Insight Vision is our new visual SaaS data tool for route development, route optimisation and travel trend analysis – and has been designed for airlines, airports and tourist boards.

Instantly access the world’s largest source of traveller search and booking demand data – via your own personalised online portal – to help power your COVID-19 recovery and find new opportunities to win in your markets.   

Break down and analyse our data, then visualise your findings as graphs and tables for the insights you need to make smarter, more profitable decisions. 


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