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Travel Insight Vision is our new visual data tool for route development, route optimisation and travel trend analysis.  

Instantly access our forward-looking traveller search and booking demand data – via your own personalised online portal – to help power your COVID-19 recovery and find new opportunities to win in your markets. 

Break down and analyse our data, then visualise your findings as graphs and tables for the insights you need to make smarter, more profitable decisions. 

Unparalleled insights for airlines, airports and the wider travel industry

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NEW: Reduce passenger leakage

See where travellers in your catchment area fly from and to, which airports compete for them and the top searched routes and origin and destination airports for any location.

Pinpoint where you’re losing customers and get insights into factors behind leakage such as price competitiveness and day of the week.  

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Analyse catchment areas

Learn more about your travellers and improve your targeting by knowing where existing customers come from and where potential ones live.  

Move beyond ‘point of sale’ to ‘point of search' dataquickly identify market opportunities, know where there’s most demand for new routes and create stronger marketing campaigns that drive more traffic. 


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Track market trends

Optimise your strategy, network and marketing efforts with insight into how COVID-19 cases, announcements and other global events influence demand and readiness to travel. 


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Understand your market

Get a better understanding of how you’re performing across your network with insight into search and booking demand, as well as average fares. 

View every new booking cycle so you can optimise capacity across your network and target your marketing more effectively to fill more seats. 


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Be more competitive

Understand the popularity of your network, schedules and individual flights, and how this should affect capacity, by comparing your market share with competitors.  

See how your average yield is affecting your market position, so you can adjust pricing strategies to gain a competitive advantage in the short and long term.  


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Find out market share

Discover how your airline’s market share has changed over time, where you’re winning or losing customers, and how to adjust pricing or slot times to become more competitive.

Find out your airport’s most valuable airlines, understand how they perform per route and stimulate growth by encouraging route competition.


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Analyse inbound travel trends

Make your destination the first choice for global travellers by learning where your visitors come from, their search and travel behaviour, and who your biggest competitors are. 

Improve your targeting and reach visitors at their most influenceable, stand out from the competition and attract more people from around the world. 

Transform your route
planning and development

Turn complexity into clarity

Access your online portal and use dashboards and filters to break down data to a granular level, then visualise your findings as graphs and tables. No data engineering or processing knowledge is needed. 

Forecast the future

Understand true market demand by looking beyond bookings and scheduled capacities to find out where people are searching to travel – for next week, next month and up to 12 months in the future.

See how the world searches

Tap straight into the planet’s largest source of travel demand data, generated by more than 100 million peak monthly users across almost every market. 

Act faster on insights

See how traveller attitudes and recovery patterns are changing and identify shifts in market and route demand before others, so you can serve more travellers when they’re ready to explore again. 

Enjoy comprehensive coverage

Get all your data from a single trusted provider, rather than fragmented sources. Our industry-leading number of airline and OTA partnerships means you get unbeatable data quality and quantity. 

Speed your COVID recovery

Be ready for the future of travel and turn the latest trends to your advantage, helping you emerge from the pandemic with strength and confidence. 

Empower your business with unrivalled traveller data

Travel insights_-Airlines


  • Inform your return to flying programme 
  • Align capacity with ever-changing demand 
  • Match your schedule to what travellers want 
  • Identify long-term growth strategies 
Travel insights_Airports


  • Understand where you’re losing traffic to competitors 
  • Confidently approach airlines with robust market knowledge
  • Forecast passenger and revenue numbers more easily 
  • Uncover long-term opportunities to increase traffic
Travel insights_DirectMarketing

Destination Marketing Organisations

  • See which cities and countries are searching for you
  • Understand when to deploy marketing campaigns 
  • Identify the most promising new routes
  • Find out your most popular travel dates
Travel insights_RestofIndustry

Other industries and travel-related businesses

  • Get essential insights into travel industry performance
  • Discover how demand impacts your business and revenue

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