Showing lower-impact options


Our role is to share unbiased information with travellers to help them make informed choices. As part of this commitment, we believe in sharing information on the environmental impact of flights.

When a traveller searches, they’ll see information around which flights emit less CO2e on average for their chosen route. More than 10 million travellers have already selected the lower emission flight for their route in the last year.


Holding ourselves to account

We’re committed to doing all that we can as a global business to reduce our own carbon footprint. We were a founding signatory of the Glasgow Declaration for Climate Action in Tourism at COP26, and through which we’ll be reporting annually on our progress to Net Zero.

We’re also part of the Board Now program with our partners at SkyNRG, purchasing Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) so that we can reduce the impact of our own corporate travel as well as help drive supply of SAF for the future.