It’s our mission to lead the global transformation to modern and sustainable travel.

Our industry’s got to change. And all of us must work together to tackle the climate and biodiversity emergencies, dramatically reduce carbon emissions and create a brighter future for everyone, everywhere, to enjoy.

So we say to you – join us! Help power travel’s next chapter. It won’t be easy. And change won’t happen overnight. But together we can transform travel for the better, forever.

Because sustainable travel is about seeing the world and protecting it at the same time. And for us, there’s nothing more important.


Providing greener options

Travellers said they wanted more information on the environmental impact of their flights. So we created ‘Greener Choice’ labels to highlight which flights emit less CO2 compared to the average for that route.

From factors like aircraft model, age and fuel efficiency, to flying distance, capacity and cruise time, we identify the most efficient options and display these on our website and app.

In the last year, more than 10 million people have chosen a ‘Greener Choice’ flight. And we’re not stopping there. We’re always looking to introduce further cutting-edge eco features to give travellers more sustainable choices when they’re planning a trip.


Holding ourselves to account

Although we're a global company – with offices in Europe, North America and Asia – we keep our flying to a minimum thanks to video and conference calls. But when we do need to fly, we buy sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) to help us travel more efficiently.

That's why we've partnered with SkyNRG, the global leader in sustainable aviation fuels, who make SAF from waste oils, like cooking oil – which emit up to 75% less CO2 than regular fuel.

We're also proud to be a founding member of its Board Now programme, supporting the development of a new SAF production facility in Europe.