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Market Trends

Enhance your strategy, network and marketing efforts with insight into how COVID-19 cases and announcements affect passenger flow.


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Boost your marketing

Understand what causes demand to rise or fall - and where - so you can launch campaigns to the right people at the right time.

Improve your planning

Find out how your inbound markets are performing and where demand is highest, helping you focus your time, activities and resources more effectively.

Cater for demand

Know when there are opportunities for airlines to capitalise on rising demand so they're able to add more services and bring in more business.

Competition Analysis

See where demand is returning and predict passenger flow per route and slot, as well as forecast potential revenue. Find out how demand, conversion and average fares differ across your markets.


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Predict passenger flow

Understand how demand is developing for specific routes and carriers, to help you forecast passenger traffic and accurately budget and prepare for recovery.

Estimate retail revenue

Remove some of the guesswork and forecast how much your shops will make by combining predicted passenger numbers with spend data.

Right airline, right slot time

Find out which slot times are most popular with key customer segments, so you can match the right airline with the most profitable slot time.

Network Market Share

Discover your most valuable airlines, understand how each of them perform per market and encourage them to enter new routes.


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Identify key carriers

Find out your busiest, most popular airlines – right now and for the next 12 months.

Grow your network

Boost route competition and revenue by inviting more airlines to fly on popular routes.

Collaborate to win

Launch impactful joint marketing campaigns to help you and individual airlines hit objectives.

Unserved Routes

Discover the most searched-for routes that don’t have a direct flight. Begin to reboot your network after COVID-19, stop relying on airlines to build cases for new routes and plan for long-term growth.  


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Restart more flights 

Use our data to drive negotiations with carriers showing there’s sufficient demand to restart routes which might have been dropped. 

Secure long-term growth 

Discover where there’s demand for a new non-stop service and share with key carriers to boost your revenue. 

Unlock new revenue 

Put forward a successful business case to airlines about launching new routes, using insights on average fares, traveller demand and redirect conversion rates. 

Catchment Analysis

Learn more about your travellers and target them better by knowing where they come from and where potential customers live. 

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Understand traffic leakage 

See where you’re losing customers to other airports and align routes with demand to increase traffic. 

Open new routes

Use our data to put forward a strong business case to airlines showing where there’s demand for new routes. 

Improve your targeting

Boost marketing performance and ROI by advertising in the towns and cities where there’s most demand. 

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