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Your holistic route development and optimisation tool

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Market trends

Enhance your strategy, network and marketing with insight into how COVID-19 cases, announcements and other global events influence demand and readiness to travel.


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Fly with confidence

Take to the skies faster and more efficiently with a robust return to flying programme that aligns capacity with search demand.

Boost your marketing

Understand what causes demand to rise or fall - and where - so you can launch campaigns to the right people at the right time.

Improve your planning

Know which destinations are trending up or down and where demand is highest so you can focus your time, activities and resources more effectively.

Competition analysis

Find out which routes to restart first, match capacity to demand and identify your biggest growth opportunities. 


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Stay one step ahead 

Reopen routes before other airlines so you can be there for travellers when they start exploring the world again.  

Stimulate more demand 

Enjoy a higher return on your marketing spend by knowing when to launch campaigns to the widest possible audience.

Increase revenue 

Shift the dial on market share by setting more attractive fares that boost ticket sales and improve margin.

Take your travel insight
to new heights.

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