July 28, 2017

Skyscanner Exposes Market Opportunities for Airlines at Tomorrow’s Fastest Growing US Airports

Skyscanner has released a new study identifying four airports in the United States which it says US-based airlines should consider expanding their services to: Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Las Vegas, and Seattle.

The global travel search engine analysed data, identifying four high growth airports where passengers are expected to increase, and where significant investments are being made modernizing airport infrastructure.

The report, which is based on FAA’s recently released forecasts through to 2045, finds that the biggest growth opportunities lie mainly in the South and North West of the United States. The analysis reveals never-before-released data on Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Las Vegas and Seattle airports, based on forward looking stats from Skyscanner’s more than 60 million monthly users.

The report highlighted several key opportunities for US based airlines:

  • Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood in the fastest growing airport in the South but faces catchment competition from nearby Miami; only 45% of travellers from the Fort Lauderdale area choose to fly from FLL Airport to Las Vegas, with the majority instead choosing MIA Airport. However, traffic could increase by as much as 124% from FLL on this route if carriers invested in better and more frequent services, Skyscanner data reveals. JetBlue Airways, Southwest Airlines, Spirit Airlines, and Delta Air Lines could consider expanding their domestic operations at this location

  • Orlando International offers a great opportunity as a stopover destination to Latin America; Skyscanner data shows large trunks of passenger traffic are developing and as Orlando’s infrastructure grows, it could extend these destinations. The large footprint of low-cost airlines as convenient domestic connectors, and of international low-cost carriers for trips abroad can work in Orlando’s favour

  • Las Vegas McCarran offers a viable alternative to LAX for direct services to and from Europe and Asia, as well as a strong connection point to major California hubs, where there has been a high volume of searches and bookings for connections through this airport

  • The most popular destinations from Seattle-Tacoma Airport are connections to other national hubs. These secondary hubs serve growing technology capitals, offering good prospects for carriers running frequent flyer and business services.

Faical Allou, Head of Skyscanner’s Analytics commented, “The United States has one of the vastest and most diverse air travel infrastructure networks in the world. Over the coming years this is certain to grow significantly. While many airport locations will expand their infrastructure, we believe Las Vegas, Seattle, Orlando and Fort Lauderdale airports, in particular, offer unique and appealing opportunities which airlines should pay attention to in order to gain an early competitive advantage.”

“Passenger traffic leakage to nearby catchment cities which could be addressed with new services by airlines, interesting stopover and connections prospects for these airports, coupled with the modernization initiatives already planned or underway make these four locations especially opportune for carriers. At Skyscanner we are in a unique position to offer these insights given that we sit on a wealth of forward looking projection based data generated from our more than 60 million users which we believe could help airlines unearth these prospects.”