May 10, 2021

Transparency on CO2 emissions: EU Travel Tech event

From prices and dates to seating and priority boarding, there’s a lot of choice when it comes to booking a flight. But what travellers don’t have a choice about is their journey’s environmental impact. 

It's an issue we’re very passionate about. Which is why Sam Edwards, our Head of Sustainability, joined EU Travel Tech’s recent ‘Transparency on CO2 emissions’ session – to share ideas on how to standardise emissions indicators and empower travellers to make more sustainable decisions.

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Highlights of the session include: 

  • Empowering travellers to make more sustainable choices
  • The risk of greenwashing and how to build greater trust
  • Why more than just CO2 needs to be taken into account
  • The rise of sustainable aviation fuels and their future 
  • The need for a standardised industry-wide emissions score
  • European aviation’s huge effort to reach net zero by 2050 
  • The focus on de-carbonising in the long-term 
  • The arguments for and against carbon offsetting


Moderated by Dave Keating from France24, the panel included:

  • Kai Bauer, Environment & Sustainability at the EU Aviation Safety Agency
  • Jo Dardenne, Aviation manager at Transport & Environment (T&E) 
  • Magnus Gislev, Sustainable air travel at DG MOVE, European Commission 
  • Anders Fagernæs, VP Sustainability at Norwegian 

Sam and the panel explain how travellers need as much information as possible to make more informed decisions. And while some airlines do offer information about emissions, there’s no single uniform measurement – meaning travellers can’t compare flights and chose what's right for them. 

It’s something travellers are crying out for too. In fact, a recent Skyscanner survey showed 40% of respondents were more likely to fly with an airline if it invested in long-term sustainable options. 

Sam also reveals how Skyscanner is in a unique position to prove transparency leads to more people choosing sustainable flights – our Greener Choice flight labels and filters have done this for the past few years. Since 2018, more than 11 million travellers have selected a Greener Choice flight. 

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