September 1, 2016

Skyscanner Guides: Social Media Advertising in 8 Simple Steps

Social media advertising can be a rich source of traffic, if handled correctly. Running a successful social ad campaign is not all the different from running a social media account; those who succeed have a well-crafted plan and are willing to remain vigilant and interactive, while those who just toss an ad against the virtual wall will eventually disappear. Take a look our quick guide below to learn 8 simple steps you can take to hone your social business skills and watch the traffic roll in.

Be Prepared to Invest Time in your Social Ad Campaign


Social media runs at a frenetic pace for sure, but a bit of long-term analysis can reveal your consumer base, and your social advertising ad success. It also allows you to hone your message to get the exact response, and conversions, you desire. Don't forget to re-market, either: sometimes it takes a view or two to click on through to the other side!

Interact with your Audience


Just like running a personal account, social media for business is designed to be an interactive enterprise. You can design the most dazzling social media ads of all, but unless you're willing to comment, click, and interact with your followers, you will likely lose them before they’ve ever had a chance to see your ad.

Know your Target Audience


Deciding the target audience for your social media ad is a balancing act. Too small, and not enough people are going to see it, but too wide and your message may end up being too general, which won’t drive invested parties to your product or site. Do your research before-hand, so you know exactly who you want your ad to reach.

Include Buttons in your Ad


Every ad should have at least one button. Facebook surveys indicate that “Learn more” buttons draw the most clicks because they are free of commitment, but also informative. It’s best to try out several buttons, with different calls-to-action, and see what works best for your business!

Don’t Forget about a Landing Page


Don’t toss your ad in the air with nowhere to land. Build your landing page in parallel with your social media ad; one should reflect the other, and vice versa. For example, an ad for Widget A should click through directly to Widget A. Remember: you’re building brand awareness the moment people see your social ad; you need to be able to follow through.

Optimise your Landing Page


Once visitors have clicked through on your social media ad, you want to be able to keep their attention. The page should contain concise, informative copy, on-message visuals, and a single call-to-action. On top of which, it should go without saying, the page needs to be mobile ready. These features could help to increase conversion rate.

Be Upfront About What You’re Offering


Online, and especially in social media advertising, nothing leads to a bounce quicker than surprise pricing. Reveal the cost early and you confirm the interest of your viewers, resulting in quality traffic through your ad. Not only this, but if you can eliminate the non-investors early, you can also cut down on pay-per-click costs.

Keep on Top of the Data

 Data Analysis

Know your metrics. Facebook uses Relevance Score; Twitter calls them Quality Adjusted Bids. Either way, the only way you will be able to understand what interests your followers is by keeping track of which ads have been the most successful for you, and iterating on those. This will lead to more success in the future!

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