October 27, 2017

Skyscanner and IATA Partner to Deliver a Guide to NDC

In partnership with IATA, we are excited to share our guide to NDC, which aims to share our knowledge and experience of working with NDC technology, and highlight the very important benefits for the aviation industry in its adoption. 

This guide marks 5 years since the inception of IATA's New Distribution Capability (NDC), and outlines the capabilities of the recent NDC API releases, including personalisation, ancillary products and services, and rich media.  

These features are particularly important given the significant shifts that have taken place across both technology and user behaviour in the last decade. 

“The rise of online and mobile-based retailing has radically transformed consumer shopping habits. Now, through the introduction of the New Distribution Capability (NDC) standard, airlines are able to participate in this revolution. With NDC, airlines have the capability to move from a legacy IT environment to an Application Programming Interface (API)-based world where developers can build cutting edge travel and shopping apps in only 40 hours. We welcome Skyscanner’s guide to NDC to help airlines start their NDC journey.”

— Yanik Hoyles, Director NDC Program, IATA

Skyscanner has discussed this in recent white papers around the future of distribution, the value-driven proposition in travel, and the advancements of technology and consumer behaviour in China. And a number of steps have been taken to deliver a more seamless experience and an enhanced marketplace in the form of Direct Booking. This offers much more than the simple facilitation of the booking - it gives airlines the opportunity to brand their experience more full, and promote ancillary upsell, within the booking funnel. 

“In the aviation industry, direct booking vs third party distribution has always been an either/or choice. Those days have come to an end. Emerging platforms like voice and bots, coupled with evolving online marketplaces, mean the lines are blurring. So the point where an intermediary’s relationship with the traveller ends and an airline’s begins is no longer as clear as it once was.

After months of consultation with our partners, we have successfully employed NDC to offer airlines and other travel brands the best of both worlds. We facilitate the benefits of ancillary up-sell and branding control, coupled with access to a growing and engaged audience of travellers across new platforms and markets.

Quite simply, I believe it’s the future for airlines.”

— Gareth Williams, CEO, Skyscanner