April 19, 2016

Top Airports for Flight Self-connections Revealed

 Passengers walking in the airport

Self-transfer flights among passengers are on the rise and our infographic reveals the top airports that passengers are choosing to connect through.

Self-connect passengers are those who build their own itinerary, travelling on two separate tickets often with different carriers to save money or for stop-over tourism.

The US and Europe are better known for the prevalence of low cost carriers, a key facilitator of self-connections, and both Dublin and LAX will be pleased to see that they represent popular choices for passengers pursuing this option.  While the development of budget airlines in Asia has been slower, Singapore’s Changi is fast becoming a popular self-connection point, something which will no doubt increase in years to come as discount carriers gain a stronger presence in the region.

 Self-connections in Air Travel Infographic by Skyscanner for Business

The analysis is based on data produced by our cutting-edge Travel Insight tool, already used by many leading airlines such as Iberia Express. The data crunching tool allows businesses to learn key insights from the travel planning process of their potential flight customers from the global search data captured through our 50 million+ monthly visitors.

Hugh Aitken, Commercial Director at Skyscanner commented, “In the age of the savvy traveller, and with the growth of low cost carriers, an increasing number of passengers are more aware of their options, choosing to self-connect their travel as a result. For both airports and airlines, having a full picture of the searches and bookings passengers are making, including their preferences for connections, routes and pricing, is essential if they are to capitalise on the market.”

 * The data is based on flight searches and exits conducted by Skyscanner users throughout 2015

*The Top Airports data has been indexed to show scale

*The price differential data is based on travel between Friday and Saturday, booked three weeks prior to travel

*Prices shown are in US Dollars

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