February 28, 2019

Skyscanner uses Google to create native ads

The global travel experience is evolving and travellers today are demanding more customisation at every stage of their journey. This means it’s even more crucial for brands to effectively deliver targeted advertising.

Against this backdrop, we've collaborated with Google to implement its world-class Ad Manager's Native Framework. This collaboration allows our partners to serve highly relevant, fully customisable native ads in real-time to users browsing for flights, hotels or car hire on Skyscanner.

Using features such as live pricing, partner logos, destination images, ad copy and translations, the integration enhances the traveller experience by delivering the right message to the right customer at the right time. The dynamic native formats, which are designed to blend in seamlessly with Skyscanner's platform, also significantly boosts click rates.

Check out this video to find out more about how our dynamic ad placements can help you drive revenue:



Every month we’re reaching more than 80 million travellers worldwide. Advertising with Skyscanner enables you to engage with these travellers throughout the entire travel journey.

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