March 27, 2020

“We will.” Inspiring our travellers for the future

We work with our partners every day to help get people out into the world. However, at this difficult time for everyone, it’s just not possible to do what we all do best. And it’s tough. Really tough.

But we’re travellers too. And we, like the rest of the world, are thinking about a time when we’ll be out there again – exploring new places or spending time with those family and friends that mean the most to us.



So we created a video full of hope and inspiration, about the places we will go and the faces we will see when travel is a possibility again.

And we asked out travellers a simple question: Where will you go once this is all over? And we’ve had some amazing responses.

We also decided to share our team’s #WeWill stories and plans for when they get back out there. Here are some favourites we’ve been posting online.