June 11, 2020

Weekly Travel Insights – 11 June

These are the insights from our 12th weekly pulse survey of nearly 6,000 travellers across the world, as well as key trends from key markets. 

Optimism around global travel continues to grow

  • For the fourth straight week, people believe the global situation is improving: 65% this week compared to 62% last week and 58% the week before. This is the highest it’s been during our 12-week survey.

  • Only 16% think the global situation is getting worse, while 20% think it’s staying the same – both of which have been trending down over the last few weeks.

  • Anxiety and risk perception around global travel also continue to fall across all regions.

Global travel optimism remains highest in EMEA and AMER

  • 70% of people in EMEA and 64% in AMER believe the situation is improving.

  • Only 51% of people in APAC think the situation is getting better – a figure which has only just 5% in five weeks.

  • Fewer people in EMEA and the Americas believe the situation is getting worse: 12% and 16% respectively.

  • In APAC, however, almost a quarter (24%) believe the situation is getting worse.

A house in the hills of Sa Pa, Vietnam

Optimism in domestic travel continues to rise

  • Optimism around domestic travel is the highest it’s been since our survey started 12 weeks ago – with 67% saying the situation is improving, compared to 65% last week and 61% the week before.

  • Just 14% believe the domestic situation is getting worse, while 14% think it’s staying the same.

  • Anxiety and risk perception around domestic travel also continues to fall across every region, but anxiety levels remain the same across the Americas.

EMEA and APAC are the most optimistic about domestic travel

  • Just 47% of people in AMER believe the domestic situation is improving, compared to 79% in EMEA and 72% in APAC.

  • In AMER, one-third (33%) think the situation is getting worse, compared to just 8% in EMEA and 15% in APAC.

Regional travel insights


The main temple at Chichen Itza


  • APAC markets continue to ease restrictions and open up the economy in phases, with several governments starting to consider safe ‘travel corridors’ between countries.

  • Adjusting to this phase, local OTAs and airlines continue to promote domestic travel in markets like Australia, South Korea and Taiwan.

  • 40% of APAC respondents now believe that it's currently safe to travel domestically; this is driven mostly from Taiwan and Australia.

  • While the Indian government has started to reopen domestic flights with limited capacity, only 18% of Indian respondents think it's currently safe to travel.

  • Qantas and Jetstar, currently operating at 5% of their pre-pandemic capacity,
    will increase to 15% by the end of June, which translates to an increase of around 300 return flights per week.


  • Regional travel within Europe continues to increase as people begin to look for summer holidays.

  • Northern Europe continues to experience growth in regional travel, while Southern Europe is driven by domestic destinations.

  • The lead time between search and departure dates has been decreasing during the last several weeks as travellers search for flights in June, July and August, with high interest in destinations like Spain, Italy, Portugal, Greece and Turkey.

The Blue Mosque in Istanbul

Next week, we'll share the latest data and insights from the past seven days on our blog, as well as keeping you updated with how we're helping travellers and the wider industry during the pandemic.

*Pulse survey based on 5,857 respondents from 4-7 June.