May 15, 2019

Event round up: Insights from CAPA’s Airline Leader Summit (Dublin)

Skyscanner’s Senior Director, Strategic Partnerships Hugh Aitken recently delivered a keynote speech at CAPA’s Airline Leader Summit in Dublin, Ireland. He explored the European aviation market and a mobile-first offering that meets the expectations of modern travellers.

Read on for some key highlights from the presentation, and a brief summary of some of the main talking points at the event.

The future of airlines is bright, and mobile-first

Beginning the keynote address with an overview of the European airline market, Hugh Aitken highlighted that despite the International Monetary Fund downgrading the global economic growth forecast, the outlook is still positive. He also pointed out two key trends:

  1. We have seen a downward pressure on fares across the European market.

  2. Although demand is still there, there has been a change in the destinations being searched by travellers on Skyscanner.

“When it comes to the European airline market, we are seeing robust demand overall. It is worth noting, however, that there is a shift in destinations being searched.”


— Hugh Aitken, Senior Director, Strategic Partnerships

In the second part of his talk, Hugh stressed the importance for airline leaders to think mobile-first – and not just mobile-optimised – to cater to the evolving traveller. He also called on the industry as a whole to look to the East for inspiration, as the number of Asian companies bringing their technologies to the West keeps increasing.

The current mood in the European aviation industry

Elsewhere at CAPA’s Dublin summit, the discussions really brought to light the current challenges faced by airlines – including:

  • The European legislation around delay compensation for customers.

  • The 33-fold growth in blockchain jobs posted on LinkedIn, as well as practical examples use cases for the technology.

  • The progress in NDC adoption, with 56 airlines now certified (up from around 40 the previous year).

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