August 10, 2016

Now you can Look and Book for Flights with 'Shut Up and Go'!

Damon and Jo, the co-founders of travel show and blog 'Shut Up and Go', have gone from Skyscanner super-users to star partners. As their relationship with Skyscanner has expanded, so has their audience - and now they are happy to provide 'Shut Up and Go' users with their very own flight search powered by the Skyscanner White Label. 

Here is our interview with Jo, discussing how they came across our White Label and where they hope to take (and travel with) 'Shut Up and Go' in the future! 

1. How would you describe Shut Up and Go? 

We're Damon and Jo, two 20-somethings who love traveling as cheaply as possible. From the very beginning of our friendship, we didn't care where we went, as long as we went somewhere different and learned something new. We created 'Shut Up and Go' back in 2012, which is a travel show and blog showcasing our experiences, our cheap travels, and our lifestyle in hopes of inspiring people to stop making excuses and do just that, shut up and go. We now have an audience of over 500,000 people who believe in our same goal of traveling and learning languages. We've developed a community of interesting and international polyglots who follow along with our shenanigans on a daily basis through social media, blogs, and videos for their shared passion of living a global life.  

 Shut Up and Go website screenshot

2. How did you find out about the Skyscanner White Label? 

Skyscanner was actually our favourite flight search engine from the very beginning. We always used their "Everywhere" feature when we just wanted to go somewhere, but didn't care where. We loved and used them so much that we reached out to Skyscanner’s CEO, Gareth, on LinkedIn about three years ago telling him about our show and blog. Despite us having less than 5,000 subscribers at the time, he connected us with the marketing team, showing how genuine the company is. We've been working on projects with Skyscanner ever since. Recently, we heard about the White Label through our main contact at Skyscanner, Marlon, because we'd built a great relationship and both agreed it was time to work on a long-term project like using the White Label.

3. What made you interested in using it? 

We were always advocating for our viewers to book their flights on Skyscanner, because that’s what we do, and feel it's the best way to find cheap and flexible flights on a well-designed interface. Of course, when we were given the opportunity to not only inspire our viewers to travel, but to give them the tools to book directly from our site, it was a no brainer. 

4. How did you find the White Label integration process?

It was pretty seamless. We do all of the web tech stuff on our site, so we just had to call our host service to make sure everything was linked properly. The design was extremely simple, and we were able to pick our exact brand colours to make it match perfectly with our site.

 Shut Up and Go Flight Search

5. How long did it take you to set it up? 

No more than two hours across two days.

6. What value does the White Label add for you? 

Other than the awesome revenue stream that helps keep our lights on, the ability to be more than just the "regular ol' influencer." Providing a service like flight booking on our site definitely legitimizes our whole operation; we're not just cute kids on camera, we're savvy business people that now help provide a service that helps everyone in the end. 

“Other than the awesome revenue stream that helps keep our lights on, the ability to be more than just the “regular ol’ influencer.” Providing a service like flight booking on our site definitely legitimizes our whole operation; we’re not just cute kids on camera, we’re savvy business people that now help provide a service that helps everyone in the end. ”


7. What value does it add for your users?

They're able to book flights from their trusted friends, Damon and Jo. We've grown an audience – and basically virtual friendships – with 500,000 people that look to us for advice, tips, and expertise. Of course, we're not a tech company, so we can't give them all the resources on our own, which is why it's critical to have a partner like Skyscanner who has the expertise in flight search and booking technology.

 Damon and Jo Instagram

8. What has the feedback/ reaction been like from your users since you integrated the White Label? 

Most of our viewers love the service. They're impressed that we're offering a service like that now, and they're constantly sending us screenshots of the cheapest flights they find. 

9. What does the future hold for 'Shut Up and Go'?

We hope to continue growing not just as travel influencers, but as the household names that always have travel tips, tools, and resources such as the Skyscanner White Label. 

10. What role does your relationship with Skyscanner plan in that future?

Listen, we love everything about Skyscanner, the service, the design, the people who make it all happen on the back end; we will undoubtedly continue growing our relationship with them. It's just the beginning, there is so much more to be accomplished together in the future! 

11. Lastly, what destinations will you be searching for flights for?

We're constantly all over the place, filming for different clients, but we just made the decision to take the Fall to travel around Europe and maybe South America or Southeast Asia! Who knows! We constantly find ourselves skimming on our Skyscanner app every night, tracking the cheapest flights to make our decision! 

Check out the YouTube video from Damon and Jo sharing how to find the cheapest flight - featuring Skyscanner White Label.

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