November 18, 2015

Price before Place: How Skyscanner helped Thrifty Start-up Tripaya


Apps focusing on either travellers’ budget, interests or dates to serve the best travel options are an increasingly popular solution for users looking to find their next trip. One such app that combines all three of those elements in a particularly user-friendly and inspirational manner is Tripaya – a Portuguese based travel search app founded by entrepreneur, André Ramos.


Skyscanner for Business partnered with Tripaya in April 2015, providing our API data to power the flights element of the innovate app. Since then, under André’s great leadership, the app has gone from strength to strength.

“Skyscanner has been changing the way people travel. As a travel start-up, our partnership with Skyscanner for Business is very important for Tripaya, not just because of its powerful API, which allows for a fully customisable experience, but also because of the power of Skyscanner’s brand, that is certain to give our clients comfort and security when booking with Tripaya.

— André Ramos, Founder of Tripaya

By using Skyscanner's powerful flight API, Tripaya is able to offer its users over 500 destinations in Europe alone – guiding them to through their choices by asking them to define their budget as the primary search parameter.

We spoke to André to find out why he chose to work with Skyscanner for Business, what benefits the integration has brought to Tripaya and their users, and their future plans for the product.

What does your Tripaya do in a nutshell?

Tripaya wants to be a breath of fresh air in the online travel scene, by changing the way people search for a trip. That is, instead of asking people where they want to go, and then display the best flights and the best hotels for that particular destination, we want people to tell us what their budget is and then Tripaya will suggest the best destinations, with the best flight and the best hotel in mind.

Why did you choose the Skyscanner API when building Tripaya?

We knew that in this particular business one of the aspects that clients value the most is “trust”. Someone might have a site with the best offers, but if people don’t trust them, they won’t buy. So as a new brand in the market, we felt the need to partner with a brand that is at the forefront in terms of: Reliability, Great Offers, and Best Prices. And there’s no other brand in the market that gathers these three characteristics better than Skyscanner.

How exactly are you using Skyscanner’s API within your app?

When people use our service, we suggest the best flights and hotels for each destination. We use Skyscanner’s API to generate the lowest fares for each suggested destination. However, Skyscanner’s API is a tool that provides us with more than just the best fare. It also provides a list with all the other flights for the selected dates, so our clients can change the flight, if they don’t want to select the one we suggested. 

What problems or business need does using Skyscanner’s API answer?

Skyscanner’s API is such a great tool, because it aggregates all the airlines, including the low cost ones, in just one platform. So instead of connecting to multiple partners, we just need to connect with one. The way Skyscanner instantly compares all the providers is a great strength to us because our clients value their time online and want to reach a decision fast.

Are there any tangible results for Tripaya that you’ve seen since you partnered with Skyscanner for Business?

Since the beginning of the build process, we noticed how detailed Skyscanner’s API documentation is, which really helped our team to make this integration process in a very smooth way. Even when we had some questions, the API Support team was incredibly fast answering and solving our problems. In the end, it saved us a lot of time and therefore money.

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