February 3, 2016

Skyscanner Powers FlyMo: Naples Airport’s Flight Search

Earlier this year, Skyscanner for Business partnered with Naples Airport to create their very own flight search tool, for customers looking to travel to and from the airport, allowing visitors to the airport’s site to see the full wealth of flight options available to them.

Naples Airport is the international gateway to the Italian city of Naples and is the key regional hub entry point serving the popular Amalfi coastal region.

Skyscanner for Business created a White Label flight search solution for the airport, customising it to fully fit with the look and feel of the site’s branding, and in particular to adapt to the sub-branding of the FlyMo tool, which sits in a prominent position on the front page of the site.

We chatted to Margherita Chiaramonte, Head of Aviation Business Development at Naples Airport, to find out a little more about why they chose to partner with Skyscanner for Business and the benefits they’ve gained from the solution.

Margherita, why did you choose the Skyscanner for Business White Label to create FlyMo?

Recent studies reveal that due to an extremely competitive market, 20% of passengers from our catchment area are choosing to depart from competitor airports. That’s why we wanted to promote our flight network. We are continuing to grow significantly; next year we will introduce 68 new scheduled destinations. We believe we can highlight our top deals from Naples by partnering with Skyscanner, which is a leader in the market. The white Label offers our users a simple and dynamic tool to compare the best available air fares and buy their tickets at the best value for money.

How exactly are you using the Skyscanner for Business White label?

We use the White Label on our responsive website, but we’re working to extend it on to our app. We have used a customized White Label totally coherent with our brand image that sits directly on the NAP homepage. We also decided to name the tool FlyMo – which is a mix of English and Napolitan dialect meaning “fly now”.

What business need does the White Label answer for you and for your customers?

We have 3 needs which are met by the solution:

1. It helps us better communicate Naples Airport network and flight products

2. Allows us to re-earn passengers flying from other airports

3. It stimulates the latent air travel demand in Naples airport’s catchment area

Thanks to FlyMo – Powered by Skyscanner – we’ve an innovative tool that provides our passengers with updated information and promotions in a fast and easy way.

Are there any tangible results you’ve seen since you partnered with Skyscanner for Business?

We started with the partnership last April and we’ve already registered an organic CTR close to 8%. Thanks to our communication campaign (June – July) we reached over 7 million users in just a few weeks.

What’s next for the integration?

We’re working to embed FlyMo on our app and integrate other tools to inspire our passengers and encourage them to fly from Naples.

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