May 20, 2016

Flight Life takes off with Skyscanner's API


This year's newest inspirational travel app has landed. Founded by former air hostess, Lisa Mothersille, the Flight Life app promises to cater to the flight discovery market and meet the needs of US millenial travellers.

Flight Life is powered by Skyscanner's search Browse Cache API, allowing the app to pull inspirational search queries and results right to the user based on Skyscanner's powerful flights data.

 Flight Life uses Skyscanner API

We wanted to find out a little more about the new app, the tech behind it, and their plans for the future, so we sat down for a chat with founder, Lisa.

Hi Lisa. Can you explain what  Flight Life App does in a nutshell?

Flight Life has created an innovative flight discovery mobile app that caters to the unique and unmet needs of U.S. Millennial Travelers. We focus on functionality and user experience for Apple and Android devices. We show our users destinations and rates from their home airport using Skyscanner’s Browse Cache algorithms. With these rates we put them in price ranges/tabs so the user can visually prioritize there year-round travels based on these price points. We are bringing a new lifestyle of traveling to the market. One that is more spontaneous. As we know, you get the best rates when you have the most flexibility and this is what the Browse Cache algorithm offers our brand.

Flight Life prides itself on User Experience, however, User Experience is nothing without integrating the key functionalities that encourage users to book. Considering the 360 Marketing effect - Our Product, Brand, Digital Marketing and Advertising strategies will meet our users at all stages of their purchasing process: Dreaming, Planning, Booking.

In addition, we also intend to expand into under-served International mobile flight booking markets such as: India, Nigeria, Thailand, Jamaica + more.

What made you choose the Skyscanner API?

I chose Skyscanner because they offer a free API and their Browse Cache algorithms were genius. I knew this was a company I could learn from and grow with.

How are you using Skyscanner’s API?

We are using Skyscanner's Browse Cache API to show our users where they can visit form their home airport within various price ranges organized in tabs.

 Flight Life flight search powered by Skyscanner Browse Cache API

What business need do you think Skyscanner’s API answers?

Spontaneous travel. Finding the best rates to various destinations around the world at any given time. Big and small destinations. Offering a Free API gives start-ups like Flight Life a chance to be inspired. When talented people are inspired, great things happen. Great products like Flight Life emerge.

Are there any tangible results you’ve seen since you partnered with Skyscanner? 

We have just launched within a week. Our users love our interface and concept. We are strategically and organically spreading the word about Flight Life and excited to begin this journey with Skyscanner toward making everyone a World Traveler.

What’s next for your Skyscanner API integration?

We have a list of features we will be integrating over the year including more Filtering Options, Favorites, Daily Alerts and Push Notifications.

Want to power your own travel app or product with Skyscanner's flight data? Contact us to get access to our API! Contact us