September 20, 2016

FamilyBreakFinder enable families to find Flight & Car Hire deals with Skyscanner's White Label

 Skyscanner White Label powers FamilyBreakFinder

Start-up FamilyBreakFinder help families find the cheapest travel deals combined with the best holiday insights, tips, and inspiration. With a following of half a million and a great member list of 140 000 UK families, FamilyBreakFinder started out as a website listing attractions before pivoting in 2013 to its current focus.

With their strong focus on inspirational content and great holiday deals, adding Flight and Car Hire search functionality to their site was the next natural step, and our Skyscanner White Label met their specific needs.

We got to pick the brain of founder, Dominic Sawyer, to find out how Skyscanner White Label solution has helped their business grow, what’s next on the horizon for FamilyBreakFinder, and his top tips for start-ups.

Interview with FamilyBreakFinder founder, Dominic Sawyer

Why did you choose the Skyscanner White Label?

Bringing on board new tools such as Skyscanner’s White Label has really been led by member demand – our families trust us to help them find the best travel options, and when it comes to flight, hotel and car hire search, Skyscanner has the most useful and reliable products for our members. It’s also a brand with strong recognition and great reputation. As a business we also identify with Skyscanner’s approach, which is dynamic, open-minded and user-focussed. Installation of the product has been unbelievably easy and Skyscanner have been great to work with.

How are you using Skyscanner’s White Label?

We have a ‘Search & Book’ option on our website. Within that you will find options to book flights and car hire, along with holiday rentals and attraction breaks. Skyscanner’s White Label products are easily found and our members are already using them. We also expose members to the tools through email marketing and social media.

 Car Hire search on Family Break Finder powered by Skyscanner

What problem/business need does Skyscanner’s White Label answer?

Our members want to stay on site and organise as much of their holiday as possible without opening new windows. They want us to be a ‘one stop shop’ for family holidays. Skyscanner’s White Label means we can enable flight search within our branded environment and ensure we maintain a stronger relationship with our members by not being seen as a ‘middle man’.

Are there any tangible results you’ve seen since you partnered with Skyscanner for Business?

We’re seeing an increase in time-on-page when we include Skyscanner flight options in our travel deals. It’s been useful being able to link to a range of flights from different UK airports while keeping the member on-site rather than sending them elsewhere. Value is very important to our members and we’ve been able to mine the tool ourselves to find very good prices for particular destinations; the response to these on social media has been strong.

What’s next for your Skyscanner White Label integration?

We will be expanding the number of DIY package holidays we create using Skyscanner White Label. We have a schedule of member communications activities planned to help them get the most out of the tool, including an email that will be added to our new member welcome series. And later down the line after looking at analytics we’ll conduct some member research to see how the tool is working out and what we can improve.

What are your top tips for startups?

Agility has been important for us. What you set out to do is not going happen as you expect, so be ready to move quickly, experiment and change plans if that’s what the numbers are telling you to do. Listen to your users and dig deep into their world to understand their needs; we created a typical member persona and we reference it every day, asking ourselves what this member would say about our ideas. And develop tough skin. As a start-up you have to earn attention and respect over time, so be ready take some knock-backs and stay positive.

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