January 18, 2021

CAPA Live: How technology and innovation will shape travel in 2021

We were excited to take part in CAPA’s January virtual summit, bringing together CAPA experts, global airline CEOs and industry leaders to share the latest market intelligence and travel trend analysis.

In ‘Travel Tech Corner with Skyscanner’, Hugh Aitken, our Global VP of Flights, joined moderator Peter Harbison, Chairman Emeritus of CAPA and Gene QuinnCo-Founder of Tnooz and Co-Founder & Chairman of TravelScrum to discuss how technology will re-shape the travel sector in 2021. 

Hugh shared insight into our market-leading response to COVID-19 last year for both travellers and partners, as well as the opportunities that lie ahead in a disrupted travel industry for those willing to embrace change and become more agile. 


Travel Tech Corner


The panel touched on topics such as:

  • How high levels of pent-up demand are providing a strong picture of hope 
  • Personal and family well-being are the top factor when considering travel 
  • Increasing traveller confidence through trust, transparency and choice 
  • How the pandemic has given innovators opportunities to change everything

Hugh also spoke about how our new SaaS data toolTravel Insight Vision  is empowering airlines, airports and the wider travel industry with unparalleled access to search and booking demand data, plus worldwide traveller sentiment analysis. 

Last week, we launched a groundbreaking new feature for Travel Insight Vision called Unserved RoutesUnique to Skyscanner, it provides a level of insight not available anywhere else on the market, combining flight schedule data with traveller demand insights to reveal where there’s untapped demand for new direct services. 

You can learn more about how Travel Insight Vision, Unserved Routes and our data product family are helping businesses to make faster, smarter decisions right here.

The panel also spoke about:

  • The ways COVID-19 has accelerated mobile traffic, searches and bookings 
  • The changing needs of the traveller and how to cater to new expectations 
  • The importance of delivering an experience instead of purely a transaction 
  • How greater industry collaboration will speed a faster, more sustainable recovery

  • The rise of health passports and the new horizon of personal data sharing

    Want to discover more?   

    Every two weeks, we publish a travel insights report on our blog packed with the latest global search and booking demand data, traveller attitudes and sentiment analysis, and global and regional travel trends.