November 15, 2019

Introducing our new mobile flight-booking service

A mobile-focused booking solution for today’s modern traveller

Some rather exciting news was announced at Skyscanner yesterday – we’ve launched a new booking service for app and mobile web users. Now, alongside our core metasearch function, we can participate in our own marketplace by selling flights on behalf of our partners.

The service is available in Australia, Singapore and the UK, and will be rolled out across more markets in 2020 – further leveraging our significant mobile footprint and loyal user base. 100 million people use Skyscanner every month: 60% of these come direct, while 90% of our app downloads have been organic.


 Skyscanner becomes marketplace with bookings Skyscanner becomes marketplace with bookings


Offering travellers more ways to book

Travellers now have three ways to book on Skyscanner. With this new option, we take their payment, provide all customer support and manage the ticketing.

The second option is Direct Booking, which acts as a virtual shop window where an airline brands and owns the customer experience on Skyscanner, but the traveller never leaves our site. And the third being our original metasearch option, where the traveller is redirected to book on a partner’s site.

Meeting traveller expectations

It’s no secret that people are increasingly turning to their mobile devices for almost every part of their lives – and travel is no different. Yet the travel industry itself has been falling behind.

While most travellers start their planning on a phone – for Skyscanner, mobile traffic is 65% globally and exceeds 80% in some regions – the majority still switch to a computer to complete their booking.

This isn’t what people want, and it certainly doesn’t meet the demands of future travellers, who rightly demand they should be able to do everything on their phone. In fact, travellers have been asking us to combine our global selection and great prices with the mobile convenience and experience they expect.

Being a traveller-first company, we listened – and we’re now happy to say we can address these needs. And so far, we’ve received an early customer satisfaction score of 4 out of 5.

Bryan Dove, Skyscanner’s CEO, says: “It’s early days, but we’ve seen fantastic results. Travellers who make their first booking with Skyscanner show a 52% increased repeat booking rate versus the mobile average for partners, a higher conversion rate and a higher provider selection rate.”

Taking ownership

For our partners, this new booking service removes the high cost of localised customer care. We secure payments, provide 24/7 customer support and take full responsibility for ticketing issues, while trialling things like a flight disruption service. We’re also planning a self-service feature in the future.

Early partnerships

Ctrip, JetMax and CheckMyFares have already signed up, with three more names expected to be added by the end of the year.

It’s a hugely exciting time and we look forward to working alongside many more partners in the future.

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