November 1, 2016 Makes their Mark on Group Trip Planning

We all know the stress and sleepless nights that come part and parcel of booking a group holiday. One company that has saved us from our never ending struggle is Seeusoon. Their product automatically matches the best Airbnb and Skyscanner flights combos for your group, saving you a whole lot of time and worry! Even if your group is spread around the world, Seeusoon have you covered. The idea started back in October 2014 and Seeusoon was officially founded in March 2015.

Seeusoon’s journey with Skyscanner for Business began at TechCrunch’s 2014 London Hackathon, where they chose Skyscanner's API to help get them up and running, continuing to partner with us following the event. The main objective of their product is to inspire their users. Using Skyscanner’s flight database, Seeusoon automatically generates the best deals for their users.

Pierre Becerril, Co-founder of, commented on the partnership:  "Skyscanner is one of the leading global travel search engines and is probably the most complete one covering Europe, where we have a strong focus. The ease of integration was also a strong point in favour of Skyscanner’s API. The Skyscanner API gave us the opportunity to work with a great inventory of prices and gave us the flexibility to focus on our web app’s core features. Thanks to Skyscanner for Business for opening us the doors to the online travel space!"

Skyscanner, still very much in a start-up mind-set, prioritises opportunities to support innovative start-ups in the online travel industry. Becerril, the co-founder of, told us that Skyscanner for Business allowed them to significantly reduce their barriers to entry into the industry. For instance, Seeusoon were able to establish lead generation fees since the day they launched, giving them a real chance to compete in the highly competitive market place. 

The travel industry is continually changing. One of the major changes is the emergence of new CtoC market places in the transportation and accommodation sector. Seeusoon’s next step is to keep adding integrations around Skyscanner’s API, taking these changes into account and offering an enriched experience to their users.

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