November 6, 2015

Skyscanner powering global flight search across MSN Travel

On August 1, 2015 Skyscanner began powering flight search for MSN Travel across 31 markets, and in 17 languages.

MSN needed an easy flight search solution with a comprehensive global reach met through localized, quality content. The solution needed to replace, through an invisible transition, what MSN previously offered. MSN found this solution in the Skyscanner for Business White Label offering. With the Skyscanner White LabeI, MSN was able to easily  host a fully customisable site, complete with branding and language that its users were familiar with.

The majority of the backend work produced by the Skyscanner's White Label team was met via the ‘out of the box’ core white label offering.  However, there were a few necessities from MSN that required enhancements to the standard white label product, including accessibility features. 

The core focus from both development sides was the happiness of the user. This shared objective encouraged a valuable partnership, in which both brands were able to tap into internal expertise to bring forth ideas and approaches for performance improvements. This collaboration led to a quality accessibility feature that works for screen readers, a software program for the blind or visually impaired, and is now available as a standard feature on our white label product. Additionally, the mature standards MSN holds for security also encouraged enhancements to the white label, which we now pass on to future partners.

““Our goal when approaching an integration with a partner is to put their end user first. For MSN this required enhanced features to meet their expectations for functionality and user experience. The product that we launched made for happy users and converting users.”

— — Joe Sarre, Senior Product Manager, Skyscanner

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