February 5, 2016

Skyscanner & Anna Aero partner to reveal top un-served routes

Skyscanner has teamed up with leading route-planning industry title Anna Aero to reveal an 'un-served' route of the week

Serving up routes with Travel Insights

The analysis, based on statistics provided by Skyscanner's Travel Insight tool, harnesses the data based on the aspirations of Skyscanner's 50 million+ unique monthly visitors that accurately predicts future demand by giving insight to the aviation industry about users' search patterns.

The tool can help businesses drive competitive advantage and optimise revenue on key route development decisions.

Hugh Aitken on the partnership

Hugh Aitken, Commercial Director, Skyscanner for Business added: “We are pleased to be working with anna.aero to showcase our powerful data sets. Our Travel Insight tool gives businesses a competitive advantage through exposing significant market demand for many routes which are currently unserved by any airline, and which provide massive potential for airlines to consider.

Unserved Routes to date

So far the feature has revealed three interestng route pairings with high market demand, but no airline currently serving them, including Glasgow - Brussels, Miami - Dublin, and the latest New York - Budapest route. This week's feature revealed there has been over a quarter of a milion travellers searching for travel between the big apple and the Hungarian capital!

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