October 17, 2018

Skyscanner reveals travellers’ top ten most trusted airlines and online travel agencies

On the 16th October 2018, we revealed the top ten airlines and online travel agencies on Skyscanner rated highest on booking experience, as voted for by millions of travellers around the world. The Traveller Trust Awards go to airlines and travel agents who’ve seen the greatest levels of positive feedback from Skyscanner customers over the past twelve months from August 2017 to July 2018. 

The ten airlines and online travel agencies rated highest on most outstanding booking experience and awarded the Traveller Trust Award are (in alphabetical order):

American Airlines  










The Traveller Trust Awards focus purely on the traveller’s experience before they step onto the plane and were calculated using Skyscanner’s Partner Quality Ratings scoring system.  Customers were asked to feedback on their booking experience on five different categories which included: customer service, ease of booking, ease of website use, price accuracy and clarity of optional extras and costs.  Award winners were determined taking into account the online survey travellers completed as well feedback received from the Skyscanner customer service team over the course of a year.   

Customers can rely on these ratings as an indicator of what to expect when booking a flight with a particular travel agent or airline.  The ratings enable airlines and online travel agents to differentiate themselves through the quality of their service as well as on price. Skyscanner’s quality ratings do not include information about traveller’s experiences on board the flight or the airline operating the service. 

Hugh Aitken, Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships at Skyscanner said: “These days travellers aren’t just looking for transparency in pricing, they are increasingly making choices based on the quality of the booking site and after sales customer service. We are excited to be announcing the winners of our first ever Traveller Trust Awards and send out a clear message to the industry about the importance of the customer booking experience being key to increasing customer satisfaction and improved sales. We strive to work with all our partners at Skyscanner to drive excellence and increase trust levels amongst all our customers.” 

Skyscanner has set up a dedicated portal to allow partners to fully understand how well they are performing in the market to help them improve and optimise their performance. The company plans to expand the awards next year to include all travel options in order to fully represent travellers’ opinions and award high performing travel brands. 

Webinar Registration: How to improve your ratings and gain traveller’s trust

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What we’ll cover on the webinar

  • Introduction to the Traveller Trust Awards 2018

  • History and evolution of the Partner Quality Score (PQS) - why did Skyscanner launch PQS’s, how it has evolved since launch and more on the algorithm.

  • The commercial benefits of achieving a high PQS

  • How to access and interpret your PQS within the Skyscanner Partner Portal

  • How user complaints and PQS correlate , How do user complaints impact PQS, What can that mean for a partner performance

  • What technical issues can lead to a bad PQS, How does bad price accuracy impact PQS

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