March 1, 2016

Get on board for a hassle-free expatriation project: a guest Blog by Julien Faliu, founder of world’s largest expat platform

This is a guest blog by Julien Faliu of Interested in guest blogging for us? Get in touch here.

Moving abroad is like embarking on a journey: the experience is full of surprises and requires a meticulous preparation that is key to success.

Therefore, I created This participative website, which is heading into its 11th year, has now become the ultimate tool to carry out a successful expatriation project. Whether you are searching for tips, background information or facts about your host country, can provide you with a comprehensive set of info including free guides and hands-on advice about travel requirements, visas, formalities, jobs, health etc.

If you have no clue as to where to lay down your hat or how to keep the pot boiling, our Real Estate and Jobs sections will provide you with a wide range of offers covering 190 destinations. Looking for advice and testimonies? Meet expats on the forum, benefit from their knowledge and experience, read their interviews and visit their blogs!

As a participative website, is designed to allow people to share information and help each other. Sharing and pooling of resources are our core values, and enables you to get in touch with other expatriates worldwide. Ease your expatriation process and find the right info from the people who know best!

This is why we chose to collaborate with Skyscanner for Business to help the community in their search for the right travel options to suit their move. For soon-to-be expatriates, booking the right flight ticket is a crucial step. This is the starting point of any expat journey, but also what makes it real too. This is also the result of a careful consideration and preparation process. At that point, money is probably already tight and every euro, dollar or penny should count!

Through a powerful online tool, expatriates and soon-to-be expatriates can find the best flight deals that fit their budget for a total peace of mind.

As the leading flight search engine, Skyscanner also enables expats to plan other trips on a budget. Whether returning home to visit relatives or discover new regions on other continents, Skyscanner services will surely benefit our members. is an exciting project that is continually evolving to better meet expats needs. I would like to regularly develop new services and expand the social interface of the site in order to offer our expat members more local events and help them make the most of their time off.

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