September 28, 2017

The Future of Airline Commerce, Bots, and Conversion

Skyscanner recently attended the Global Aviation Festival in London, where Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships Hugh Aitken caught up with up with SimpliFlying's CEO and Founder Shashank Nigam as part of their live online travel show - the #SimpliLive show.

The interview featured a straight talking discussion around aviation, trends, and Skyscanner's Direct Booking platform. 

Hugh and Shashank touched on a variety of topics including Skyscanner's vision to become a travel marketplace through the continued development of the innovative Direct Booking platform. Several airlines are already integrated on the platform, such as British Airways, Scoot, and Finnair. The platform allows partners to retail their full range of ancillary products and services, including seat selection and fare families. You can read more about the platform and Skyscanner's vision in this paper here.

The interview also touched upon Skyscanner's forward thinking and pioneering approach to bots and conversational search. The metasearch engine has encouraged airlines to think ahead to millennials and digital channels of the future when it comes to engaging more with consumers. Skyscanner has been ahead of the curve when it comes to bots and voice tools, last year launching services on Facebook Messenger, Alexa, Skype and Cortana.

Finally, Hugh also spoke about Skyscanner's approach to providing value, detailing how the site plans to ensure it offers services beyond pure price comparison including handy tools such as Flight Quality Score and Travel Wallet, both of which feature in this recent piece the metasearch released. 

Watch the full interview below:

Discussing the future of airline commerce, bots and conversion with Hugh Aitken from @skyscannerptrs#SimpliLive

— SimpliFlying (@SimpliFlying) September 7, 2017

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