November 16, 2015

Skyscanner + JetHop: Helping Travellers Discover the World

Skyscanner recently partnered with new app, JetHop – a beautiful tool which makes it easier for travellers to discover beautiful destinations and book their next trip.

JetHop opted to use a combination of different Skyscannner APIs to power their tool. After having considered many different APIs they felt that the Skyscanner API was the most comprehensive and most suited to their business model.

Robi Gyorky, JetHop’s Co-Founder and CEO, commented, “Skyscanner's affiliate solutions are some of the most powerful travel tools on the market. At JetHop we utilise multiple Skyscanner API’s and all of them deliver vast amounts of data with outstanding performance.”

“We currently use Skyscanner’s API in three key areas. The first being Discover, a tool we have created to help visitors to our site explore exciting destinations. The second is our live Flight search tool, and the third is our Hotel Search tool.”

An important aim for JetHop is to put the excitement back into travel. Their Discover tool, powered by the Skyscanner browse API, allows visitors to our site to explore and book travel to beautiful destinations they may not have even considered or known about.

 Flight search on JetHop website

In addition to being powered by the browse API, Live Flights API and Hotels, API, JetHop’s plans for the integration don’t stop there. They plan to continue the growth of their current product with a view to start offering Car Hire via the Skyscanner Car Hire API next year.

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