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Discover the latest search insights and destination trends for June – August 2024.

To coincide with this year’s Arabian Travel Market, we’re following our recent regional travel snapshot with a deep dive into the MENA region.

Improved air connectivity and seat capacity are helping make travel easier, both regionally and internationally, as airlines respond to traveller demand. What’s more, countries and airport hubs across MENA are playing a vital role connecting East and West as travel continues to flourish.

Many countries in the region have ambitious tourism growth plans and will become important drivers of both inbound and outbound travel in the years to come – with destinations like Dubai, Jeddah and Sharm El Sheik the most searched in MENA so far this year.

As revealed in our previous report, travel remains a top priority as people continue to ring-fence budgets and invest in leisure trips. According to our research, travellers from UAE and Saudi Arabia are expected to take more than three trips this year and spend more compared to the global average.

Elsewhere across the region, there was strong demand in Q1, with search volume by travellers in Qatar and Oman up +50% YoY. 


Booking windows follow 2023 pattern

First, we look at how far ahead travellers in MENA during Q1 booked their trips compared to the same period last year.

Overall, booking windows for the first quarter of 2024 are similar to 2023. The 7-29 day window has increased marginally by +1% to take a 35% share. The shortest window of less than a week is down -2% for a 25% share, while the longest booking window of +90 days is down -1% for a 13% share.

Over three-quarters of booking windows in Q1 this year were less than 60 days, as many travellers planned and booked travel for Eid al-Fitr in April.

78% of booking windows in Q1 2024 were less than 60 days

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Europe is the most popular continent to explore this summer

Next, we explore which continents MENA travellers are planning to visit between June and August, and how this has changed year-on-year from 2023.

Europe, Southeast Asia and North America are the top searched regions among MENA travellers for summer 2024, with Europe and Southeast Asia taking nearly two-thirds of the share.

Compared to last year, however, -2% fewer travellers are searching for Europe and -1% fewer travellers are choosing to explore the Middle East and North Africa. It’s Southeast Asia that’s seen the biggest gain of YoY searches at +4%.

Outside of this changing demand, the continent destination choice is broadly in line with 2023. 

Search volume to Southeast Asia has increased +4% in 2024 vs 2023

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Most popular and top trending destinations worldwide

We now look at the most searched-for cities among travellers in MENA for summer, as well as the fastest trending destinations which have experienced the largest YoY search increases for the equivalent travel period.

Most popular summer destinations

APAC destinations make up seven of the top 10 global list for MENA travellers, with an average trip length of between eight and 19 days.

Milan is the only European destination, with an average trip length of eight days, while New York concludes the top 10 with a joint top average trip length of 19 days.

‘Everywhere’ ranks at number 2, remaining very popular with travellers coming to Skyscanner without a destination or specific dates in mind, looking to be inspired.

Apart from Bangkok, average trip lengths are down YoY. 

Top trending summer destinations

Oman and Lebanon are the two top trending destinations this summer for MENA travellers, with YoY growth of +462% and +347% respectively. Travellers are also going to each destination for longer compared to summer 2023 – up half a day each – to comprise 11 and 15 days respectively.

Three European destinations also feature: Krakow, Poland; Lille, France; and Istanbul, Türkiye – all featuring average trip lengths of between 10 and 12 days.

Looking East, three APAC destinations – Hong Kong; Thiruvananthapuram, the capital of India’s southern state of Kerala; and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – also registered around +200% YoY search volume increases. Although average trip length is down between one and three days on 2023, travellers are still planning trips lasting between 10 to 20 days.

George Town, the capital of the Cayman Islands, is trending at number nine, with an average trip length of 15 days (down 1.2 on last year), while Kazakhstan’s largest city, Almaty, ends the top 10 with an average trip length of 10 days (down three on 2023).


Source: Skyscanner Travel Insight data; flight redirects and flight searches from 01/01/24-31/01/24 departing 01/06/24-31/08/24 and compared to the equivalent period in 2023. Analysed between 22/04/2024 and 26/04/24. User numbers are defined as the number of estimated users unique users accessing Skyscanner's platforms each month. Full breakdown of countries included in the MENA region available on request.

Oman is the biggest trending destination for MENA travellers for summer 2024

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