Performance Analytics for Partners

For our travel partners distributing their products on Skyscanner, we provide unique analytical tools that empower you to monitor and assess your performance, make strategic decisions more easily and boost your revenue.

Our state of the art, simple to use online portal enables you to optimise your revenue on Skyscanner by providing you with all the information you need to make smart decisions – captured from search data based on 80 million monthly unique visitors from across the globe.

The user-friendly design makes it easy to view extensive analytics and performance metrics at a glance, including data on current traffic performance. It is also easily searchable, enabling you to drill down by device, carrier and market, and make comparisons against competitors.

Partner Benefits

  • Fully visualised data makes it easy to see what’s happening at any time and take action if needed

  • Easily export your data whenever you need to, for example if you want to import to an existing in-house analytics system

  • Monitor user reviews in real time and respond if necessary

  • Enables you to optimise routes and take advantage of real time traffic trends

  • Keep an eye on your API and inform our support team of any issues that may arise

  • Proactively manage your Quality Ratings


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