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Travel API

Want to connect and inspire your brand's users with the power of travel search? Let's start a conversation.

But first...

Please note, Skyscanner's Travel API is available for commercial use only. So, if you are an established business with a large audience and strong alignment with Skyscanner's brand and values, you may be selected to access the API. 

We cannot give access to: 

  • students and other individuals working on a non-commercial basis
  • start-ups without a robust business plan and pre-developed product
  • businesses with low-traffic websites
  • web development agencies

Partner selection is on a case-by-case basis, so it's essential you carefully review our acceptance criteria first. If you think your business qualifies for access, please fill in in application form below, including as much information about you business as possible.

Looking for an alternative?

You may be a potential affiliate partner. If you are looking to use out Travel Widgets or refer traffic to Skyscanner through links and banners, please join our affiliate programme instead.

You can also find information about our Data Products here and Advertising with Skyscanner here.

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