November 27, 2016

An exploration of how we built travel voice search for Amazon Alexa

We're very proud to share some thoughts behind our new Amazon Alexa service, and the thought process that goes into building some very different things than usual. Firstly, have a look at what we've been up to:

November 13, 2016

Open-Sourcing Data Is The Only Way Forward For An Advanced Internet Economy

October 11, 2016

Skyscanner and DuckDuckGo Deliver Instant Answers for Developers

If you follow DuckDuckGo on Twitter, you might have seen their tweet last week featuring our newly released Instant Answer.

September 13, 2016

Estonian Start-Up Tripmatch Partners with Skyscanner for Business to Help Friends Meet-Up in new Places

This is a guest blog by Catherine Gibson of Tripmatch. Interested in sharing the story of your business? Get in touch!

August 18, 2016

YoudeFly Reunites Loved Ones in new Places Using the Skyscanner API

This is a guest blog by Luna Zhang, the co-founder of YoudeFly.

July 22, 2016

Meet Lewis: the Travel Concierge

Lex Oudijk is a #buildwithskyscanner competition entrant. Here, he shares what inspired his idea and the next steps being taken to ensure that his build will be the very best that it can be. 

June 21, 2016

From starting up to supporting start-ups with Microsoft

The Microsoft and Skyscanner relationship is one that goes back to the birth of Skyscanner. In fact, Skyscanner started life as an Excel spreadsheet that was designed to collect and compare commercial flight data worldwide.

April 5, 2016

Tips from the experts: top points to consider before you integrate a Travel API

March 18, 2016

Why building products for travel is so rewarding

Travel is one of the most fascinating industries due to its complexity, size, and state of development. According to estimates, the travel industry adds up to 12%-14% of global GDP (all value, jobs, and related industries included) and its fragmentation is fabled — from airlines, hotels, short-term...

March 11, 2016

How to Make the Most of a Conference

There’s no better way to gain insights into your industry, gain new contacts and learn new strategies than to get out of the office and attend a conference! The last few weeks have been jam-packed with conferences for Skyscanner Business and we wanted to share some of the ways you can make the most...