July 1, 2016

How we Built a Facebook Messenger Bot in 42 days (and you can too!)

June 27, 2016

Travel API to Support Risk Management by Two10degrees

May 26, 2016

Chat your way to your next trip with Skyscanner’s Facebook Messenger bot

April 1, 2016

Conversational Search is on the Rise

March 11, 2016

How to Make the Most of a Conference

There’s no better way to gain insights into your industry, gain new contacts and learn new strategies than to get out of the office and attend a conference! The last few weeks have been jam-packed with conferences for Skyscanner Business and we wanted to share some of the ways you can make the most...

March 2, 2016

Skyscanner Flight Search Now Live on Amazon's Alexa

Skyscanner, the world’s travel search engine, has created a skill for Alexa  the cloud-based voice service behind Amazon Echo, through its API. It is now possible to search for flights using simple voice conversation. The Skyscanner skill is available now through any device using Alexa, including...

February 19, 2016

Gareth's Start-up 'Laws'

February 4, 2016

Skyscanner Powers Flybe’s 'One Stop to the World' Search Solution

The ready-made and customisable front-end White Label from Skyscanner for Business has been used by a multitude of partners across the travel industry and offers a powerful flight search tool that is tailored to easily fit the look and feel of each partner’s own brand.

February 3, 2016

Edinburgh Airport to Offer Travel Planning via Skyscanner

Last year Skyscanner partnered with Edinburgh Airport , powering the airport’s flight search tool, and enabling passenger’s to see the travel options available to them from Scotland’s capital city transport hub.

February 3, 2016

Skyscanner Powers FlyMo: Naples Airport’s Flight Search