April 6, 2020

Music still moves us: Launching our Spotify playlists

Music transports us. It takes us back to a certain time, a special moment, a treasured memory. It also takes us to places we’ve never been before. One song can define an entire trip – and take you straight back to it years later.

Music also provides our biggest means of escape. Our favourite tracks have the power to elevate us, comfort us, and help us disconnect. And we feel music is pretty important right now. With travel being impossible at the moment, we need music more than ever.

We’ve created a number of travel-themed playlists on Spotify that capture some of our fondest memories and define our favourite destinations. From the dance floors of Nigeria to road trips through small-town USA, we want to help people explore the world without leaving their home.

There are seven playlists to enjoy at the moment, but keep an eye out as we launch more over the coming days and weeks.

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