April 16, 2020

Weekly Travel Insights – 16 April

Welcome to our weekly insight report, where we share our learnings from the previous week as our industry adapts and responds to Covid-19. Latest travel trends Here are the top five searches for the week 4th – 12th April across key markets in each region. UK searches remain similar to the first...

April 9, 2020

Weekly Travel Insights – 10 April

Welcome to the first of our weekly insight reports. Starting today, then published every Wednesday, we’ll share our learnings from the previous week as our industry responds and adapts to Covid-19.

April 6, 2020

Music still moves us: Launching our Spotify playlists

Music transports us. It takes us back to a certain time, a special moment, a treasured memory. It also takes us to places we’ve never been before. One song can define an entire trip – and take you straight back to it years later. Music also provides our biggest means of escape. Our favourite...

March 27, 2020

“We will.” Inspiring our travellers for the future

We work with our partners every day to help get people out into the world. However, at this difficult time for everyone, it’s just not possible to do what we all do best. And it’s tough. Really tough. But we’re travellers too. And we, like the rest of the world, are thinking about a time when...

March 27, 2020

Freezing Partner Quality Scores during Covid-19

As you’ll most likely be aware, every partner has a Partner Quality Score. This is awarded by our travellers and reflects the overall quality of the booking experience, from customer service to price accuracy.

March 27, 2020

Traveller attitudes during Covid-19

We wanted to gain a deeper understanding of traveller thoughts and behaviour during the Covid-19 outbreak, to grasp how sentiments, needs and attitudes around the world are shifting, as well as learn how to better support travellers during these unprecedented times. We undertook in-depth...

March 12, 2020

Lightning-fast data delivery: Introducing Travel Insight API

We’re excited to announce the launch of Travel Insight API, our new data product.

March 10, 2020

How Travel Insight is helping American Airlines win more customers

"In such a dynamic and changing landscape, we use Travel Insight to optimise fare pricing, create new growth opportunities and remain competitive." Marcial Lapp, Managing Director, Revenue Management

January 14, 2020

Regional Travel Trends 2020: EMEA, AMER and APAC

To get a fuller idea of what's driving change, we need to look at shifts in the way consumers in different markets are choosing to travel. In this article we look at the dominant and emerging preferences of travellers in three regions: EMEA, AMER and APAC – as well as overall flight trends: ...

January 14, 2020

Travel Trends 2020: Popular and Emerging Destinations

At the start of a new year, it's the perfect time to reflect, take stock and think about what the future holds. In this article, We look at how the heavyweight destinations of global travel fared in 2019, as well as revealing the rising stars of 2020: