November 9, 2020

Network Market Share: Know the performance of every airline

We’ve launched a powerful new feature for Travel Insight Vision, our visual SaaS data tool for route development, route optimisation and travel trend analysis. 

It’s called Network Market Share and it gives airlines, airports and businesses with an interest in travel unrivalled insight into the market share of every airline on every route in the world. 

Discover how your airline’s market share has changed over time, where you’re winning or losing customers, and how to adjust pricing or slot times to become more competitive. 

Find out your airport’s most valuable airlines, understand how they perform on every route and find new ways to grow your network.  

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Take your business further

Network Market Share follows Market Trends and Competition Analysis as our latest addition to Travel Insight Vision.

The dashboard is found in the left-hand navigation panel and, once clicked, presents this overview – which is fully interactive and customisable. 




It's easy to filter too – by market, route, search month, travel month, cabin class, number of stops, trip type, duration and lots more – so you can drill down into our data for the insights and information you need.

Network Market Share for airlines

If you’re an airline, Network Market Share will help you to:  

  • Know your customers    

Find out your audience demographic share compared to other airlines on each route.

  • Benchmark performance  

Track your performance against competitors to see how your market position has changed over time. 

  • Win more passengers  

Boost ticket sales by knowing which schedules and prices aren’t as competitive as other airlines.  

Learn how Network Market Share can give you a competitive edge here.

Network Market Share for airports

If you’re an airport, Network Market Share will help you: 

  • Identify key carriers  

Find out your busiest, most popular airlines – right now and for the next 12 months. 

  • Grow your network  

Boost route competition and revenue by inviting more airlines to fly on popular routes. 

  • Collaborate to win   

Launch impactful joint marketing campaigns to help you and individual airlines hit objectives.   

See how Network Market Share can help grow your airport here.

Empower your business with Travel Insight Vision 

Travel Insight Vision is our new visual data tool for route development, route optimisation and travel trend analysis – and has been designed for airlines, airports and tourist boards.  

Instantly access the world’s largest source of traveller search and booking demand data – via your own personalised online portal – to help power your COVID-19 recovery and find new opportunities to win in your markets.  

Break down and analyse our data, then visualise your findings as graphs and tables for the insights you need to make smarter, more profitable decisions. 

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