January 5, 2017

Travelgenio optimizes performance with Skyscanner's unique Partner Portal

 Travelgenio and Skyscanner

Last year Skyscanner became the first metasearch to roll out flight booking quality ratings giving our suppliers the opportunity to gain invaluable feedback from millions of Skyscanner users across their markets.

As part of the roll-out of the new feature, all of Skyscanner’s airline and OTA partners have been given access to the metasearch’s Partner Portal. The dedicated portal has been designed to allow partners to fully understand how well they are performing in the market allowing them to improve and optimize their performance. Travel agent and airline partners have access to a host of analytics including detailed meta-data breaking down the feedback from customers, in addition to their current market share on key routes, and API performance.

Performance optimization in practice: Travelgenio

The ratings, determined from Skyscanner travellers over the past 91 days, score travel providers based on the quality of the booking site, additional fees, the after sales customer support experience and the accuracy of the prices shown. Travellers will see the score in the search results for a flight after they choose an itinerary, and partners are awarded a score from 1 – 5.

One such Online Travel Agency partner who have been able to turn the new ratings system to their advantage and make significant improvements to both their score and booking quality is Travelgenio.

Global travel agency Travelgenio is a key player in the online travel marketplace. Serving over 40 global markets, the Spanish based OTA has been a listed partner on Skyscanner for several years.

Since the establishment of the quality ratings and the dedicated Partner Portal, alongside a great working relationship with Skyscanner’s User Satisfaction team, Travelgenio have significantly improved both their customer service standards and overall reputation.  

By engaging with thePartner Portal data on a daily basis and unlocking the actionable insights the tool provides, Travelgenio have been able to make a strong improvement across all their global markets - increasing their global average score on launch of the tool in September from 3.1 to 3.6 in January 2017.

Take the Swedish market for example, where the Travelgenio team’s improvement to their scores since the launch of the ratings have been especially strong. By interacting with the Partner Portal data the team have managed to lift the average score 1.5 points over just three months since launch – an exceptionally positive result. 

 Partner Quality Rating on Skyscanner

Score improvements have also been strong across Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, and the US – each lifting by at least 1 point on the scale across just three months since launch.

For Travelgenio, Virginia Barbancho, the company’s Chief Marketing Officer says that the top searched routes by market, traffic break-down by market, device and brand, and the raw customer feedback data have been the most significant areas of data which have helped them improve their score and strengthen their service, and the level of data Skyscanner provides is something which Barbancho says is virtually unmatched within the industry and among other metas.

Asked what effect the Partner Portal tool has had on Travelgenio’s practices, Barbancho is clear:

“We extract the Portal data now on daily / weekly / monthly basis and use it to prepare ad hoc reports that allow us to make decisions on our side… The data available on the Partner Portal has allowed us to better understand what the issues are that are making our users book and what they really care about”.”

— Virginia Barbancho, Chief Marketing Officer, Travelgenio

Travelgenio are now a stronger partner than ever for Skyscanner and are making continual strides to improve their service provision to the benefit of both themselves and users. 

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