October 23, 2017

Unserved Routes: Six European Pairings Now Live!

Over two years ago, Skyscanner teamed up with Anna Aero to launch the weeklyUnserved Route of the Week feature which draws on the aspirational data captured from Skyscanner’s more than 60 million unique visitors every month. Based on our cutting edge Travel Insight big data solution, the feature identifies market route demand for routes currently unserved by the industry, but for which there lies a substantial and viable commercial opportunity. 

Since launching the innovative feature, 15 from the 67 potential city pairs featured so far have now been adopted by carriers! That means that the success rate has increased to a significant 22% – or more than one in five. 

Here, we run down six of the European route pairings that have successfully been launched:

Krakow-Geneva – now served by easyJet

On 1 November 2016, easyJet started a twice-weekly seasonal operation on the 1,098-kilometre city pair connecting Krakow and Geneva. This fantastic new service runs three times weekly during winter.

Budapest-Valencia – launches 30 October operated by Ryanair

Later this month the route between Budapest and the Eastern Spanish city of Valencia will be started by Ryanair. Anna Aero and Skyscanner revealed earlier in the year that there was amarket potential of 100,000 Skyscanner searches in 12 months, so this is likely to be a popular new route for Ryanair. 

Glasgow-Brussels now served by Ryanair (to Brussels Charleroi)

Another one that Ryanair has snapped up was the first ever unserved route of the week we ever featured, Glasgow to Brussels which now operates on a twice-weekly schedule between the two airports. 

Vilnius-Munich now served by airBaltic

AirBaltic last year launched flights on this previously unserved route. That came after we exposed thisroute as having a potential market share of 90,000 annual passengers. The new route is being run as a three times weekly service between the two cities.

Stockholm Arlanda-Stuttgart now served by SAS

With a a potential market of 110,000 travellers as mentioned as an Unserved Route of the Week in September 2016, SAS began the route on 26 March last year with a six times weekly service onboard its CRJ 900s.

Larnaca to Madrid now served by Cobalt 

Larnaca to Madrid. Thecity pair wastaken on up by Cobalt, as it saw the opportunity to connect the two cities which our data showed had a market of 120,000 annual passengers during 2016. 

You can check out the latest opportunities by visiting the weekly feature on anna.aero

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