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In times of uncertainty, it’s difficult to predict what lies ahead. That's why we've developed a new data tool to help you forecast the future and make more sense of what's happening around the world. 

It's part of our powerful Travel Insight offering, which collects data from 295 points during every search and redirect on Skyscanner – revealing insights into travel habits, behaviours and emerging trends. 

The graph below shows one example of what's possible. With full, paid access, you can take advantage of our multiple search filters to analyse our data however you wish. 

About our data

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The graph above shows searches on Skyscanner during 2019 and 2020 – across app, desktop and mobile web.

Unlike other data providers, we have search data, which represents early intent and helps you spot recovery trends before booking or flight capacity data. 

The numbers are indexed against the highest volume of searches during this period, or 1, to compare all searches to that benchmark. Hovering over a point on the graph also displays the percentage difference. 

COVID-19 events, provided by the University of Oxford, are shown as coloured bars. The graph is updated daily. 

Empower your business with deeper insights

Travel Insight helps businesses in the travel industry and beyond make better, smarter and more confident decisions using the flight search and redirect data of our global users. 

And with the new ability to visualise your findings as graphs and tables, you can draw conclusions
and act faster than ever before. 


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Analyse and break down our entire dataset to find the insights you need. 


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