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We’re committed to supporting our partners and working alongside you during this period – so that when the world starts travelling again, you can emerge stronger and more confident.

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Discover the search and booking behaviour of our global users, understand how traveller attitudes and recovery patterns are changing, and identify shifts in market and route demand before anyone else.

  • Airlines
  • Airports
  • Destination marketers
  • Researchers and forecasters
  • Check capacities are aligned to demand
  • Know which routes will reopen first
  • See how WoW, MoM and YoY trends are shifting
  • Compare your market share against competitors
  • Set more competitive fares with optimal margin
  • Track when demand in your area starts returning
  • See which destinations are recovering faster
  • Compare your performance against other airports
  • Reach a wider audience and grow market share
  • See where demand is returning
  • Invest in the places where it’s highest
  • Identify your most promising routes
  • Find out the most popular travel dates
  • Discover your traveller profile
  • Start your campaigns at the right time
  • Monitor the industry’s recovery in real time
  • Understand how it’ll change after the crisis
  • Forecast future trends so you’re ready
  • Advise clients on the latest market developments
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