During this tough time, we want to reassure you that our goal as a company remains the same as ever: to serve the needs of our travellers and support our partners
as best we can.


Here for our travellers

We’re committed to helping our travellers get answers  to their most important questions.

To this end, we’ve conducted research across our key markets to understand what travellers are thinking and feeling, so we can respond in the best possible way.

We’ve used these insights to inform which updates should be made to our site and app, including a new dedicated COVID-19 page. It features the latest information, as well as travel and airline advice, to keep travellers updated with the facts that are most relevant for them.

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We want to help you make a little more sense of what’s happening around the world.

That's why we'd like to offer you an extended free trial of our Travel Insight data tool if you haven't used it before. It shows you the search and redirect behaviour of our global app and website visitors, and will provide a better understanding of market and route demands.

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